Besides Athleisure

What do you wear on your way to yoga class?  Athleisure as daily wear is not my preferred look, so I get around this by layering all my yoga wear under an abundance of my usual layers-upon-layers.  I take the subway or bus to class each day, and here’s my daily uniform, more or less:  Scarf, fannypack, crazy cardigan, enormous cardigan, flashy skirt, clog boots; all covering my leggings and a tank top.  I get to yoga, shed all the layers, and put them all back on again when I’m done.  No need to “change” clothes or bring extra, I just wear every last bit of them and peel them off as necessary.  Not for everyone, to be sure, but I do feel a bit like Superman when he changes in the phone booth,  and it’s working for me.  I add more layers as it’s been getting colder (a flannel and a toque, currently since I still haven’t found the ideal winter coat)  and we’ll see what this routine looks like mid summer.  (note the cluttered floor and bedside table- I was on my way out the door, but to be honest, it rarely looks better).IMG_5210.

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