Pizza, Bread, Lasagne

The last two days had us eating pizza inspired by the Pizza Camp cookbook, Mike made his best loaf of Tartine bread yet, and then we had lasagne tonight (Jovial GF lasagne noodles, Marcella’s butter sauce, ricotta, hot Italian sausage, again with the broccoli raab (made this time with anchovies).  The bread I ate this morning with cold butter and later as ricotta toast.  Jeez.  So good.  Probably a couple of apples, maybe with peanut butter and of course scrambled eggs.


I think next time we’ll make smaller pizzas with this dough, for easier maneuverability and wetter, for a more open bubble formation.  Such great flavor, so a great jumping off point.


This darker crust style is my personal favorite type of bread, much like the breads at She Wolf.  Not burnt tasting at all despite its dark color.  Instead, it’s softer on the crust, and a little jammy on the teeth, caramelized and super super flavorful.


My son is gluten-free, and used to make two different pastas every time we ate pasta (because the rest of us are not gluten free, and GF pasta usually sucks), but we’ve been really happy with many of the Jovial GF pastas, so now we just make one GF pasta when we’re having pasta for dinner, and everyone is happy with it.

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