More bread, more pizza and other.

The last week, Mike has knocked this new bread making hobby out of the park.  There have been days of making four loaves.  There have been incredible loaves and a few “teaching” loaves.  There have been loaves eaten and others delivered to friends.  I am loving this new hobby and hope it continues.  It likely will since we’ll be home several more weeks, I imagine.


This starter for our bread that we feed daily and make pizza and bread with is very happy and lively in our often 80-85 degree third floor NY apartment, so that’s handy in this case.  In this over-flowing and ever-bubbly starter photo, there’s about one cup of actual liquid that’s inflated to overflow a four-cup vessel.

This last weekend we had a late lunch (sandwiches for all on this fantastic bread), and ended up in one of those situations with kids hungry for dinner and parents not ready to eat.  Enter:  nachos.


This also works well once kids are in bed, and parents are now hungry, btw.

There has been more pizza.  This time based on the Pizza Camp model, but naturally leavened, and with more leavener (dough starter) than the last time.  Good lord. You’d think we might have some experience in making pizza, but this pizza that Mike made was better than those we made when we did it for a living.


On days when it’s sunny, most of us get all set up in a window, open it up, and read in the sun, bundled up, and soak it all in.  After coming in from a run, if I’m still hot and sweaty, I like to throw on shorts and sit on the fire escape until I’m freezing and then I come inside again.  It’s a nice brief encounter with the coming (hopefully soon?) sunny weather.


We are members of the local food coop, and while it’s obviously been a wild couple of weeks for everyone, every where, I’ve been keeping up with the goings on at the coop since it is where I do my main shop, usually twice a week under normal circumstances.  I’ve stretched that out to once per week amid (understandably) rapidly changing plans and systems for how to work and shop in the coop environment.  Very long lines made me delay the trip- I even attempted to place an online order with Amazon Fresh, but after spending more than an hour trying to find all the things I needed that weren’t sold out, there we not delivery times available.  At all.

So I finally decided to go to the coop and brave whatever the lines were that day, and   was met with a pretty smooth and non-crowded shopping environment after waiting in line for about 45 minutes the other afternoon.    I felt genuinely excited once I was just a few people away from the entry.


And tonight Mike is helping out at our friends’ restaurant (they’re open for takeout!) so I made the kids penne with vodka sauce (butter sauce, vodka, heavy cream, and leftover raab, and super-comforting garlic bread.



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