My name is Stefanie, and I Iive in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, two kids and dog.  Until very recently, we all lived in Seattle, WA, owning and running a local pizzeria (which we still own).  We all felt ready for a change, and so we decided to take a “gap year” and move east to one of our favorite cities in the world.  It’s been a huge change for everyone, as you can imagine.  I started this blog to chronicle some of the changes of moving from one city to the next- everything has changed.  From the type of home we live in to the schools my kids go to, from the clothes and shoes we used to wear to the daily uniform that suits us best now, this blog is about all the changes that come with the newness of a new city; it’s not all easy and it’s not all perfect, and it’s certainly not the same as our life in Seattle.  A Little Undone is about what’s working well for us in this new city, imperfections and all.